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CRM for Packers and Movers

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Features and Details
Logistics companies have a distinct nature of extreme competition and very minor margin of error. It is very important to have on the toes, vigilant sales team to keep working on new leads and retain existing customer with complete satisfaction. ITSWS Technologies is a boon for the sales team as it helps better coordination among the sales team and maintaining centralized database of customer for better service.Login Option only for CRM Registered User , User Registered by Administrator 
Logistics CRM Software
1. Login for Admin and EMployee
1.1 Login by Email Id. or Mobile No.
2. Dashboard
2.1. Administrator Dashboard
2.1.1. Total Enquiry Details (Total Enquiry,Enq Followup,Total Enq Fake,Total Interested,Total Quotation,Total Quot Followup,Total final and Total Disapproved )
2.1.2. Enquiry Leads [By Date] (Total Enquiry,Enquiry Follow,Enquiry Fake and Enquiry Interested)
2.1.3. Quotation Leads [By Date] (Total Quotation, Quotation Follow and Quotation Send)
2.1.4. Follow Up Management (Showing total count by User)
2.1.5. Employee Login Management (Showing Login Status of User)
3. Online Inquiry Management (Lead Management)
Note: Logistic Industry is very focused on working on every enquiry and lead. System helps in a big way by enabling the user to manage enquiries and store their corresponding contact details under various categorizations.
3.1. Add New Inquiry
3.2.Customer Details (Name, Mobile No., Email Id., Shifting Date and Services Type)
3.3. Manage Inquiry
3.3.1. Follow-up
3.3.2. Add ITEM 
3.3.3. ITEM Name
3.3.4. ITEM Quantity
3.3.5. ITEM Volume in CFT
3.3.6. Automated calculate Total CFT
3.3.7.Update Customer Details like Name Mobile No. Email Id. Pickup Address with Floor No and Lifts Option Delivery Address History of Follow-up details with customer Approved for Quotation Reject or Remove Calculate CFT Transfer To Registered User Transfer Enquiry to other operator(Other User) 
4. Quotation Management
Note: System allows the users a unique distinction of not only managing quotations but also analyse them based on mode of transport. It also lets the user segregate quotations and analyse them as per nature of transit.
4.1. Manage Quotation
4.1.1. Follow-up 
4.1.2. Create Quotation for different consignment charges
4.1.3. Initial Quotation Add your charges as per your terms of company Particulars Charges Name Quantity Price Charges
4.1.4. Final Quotation
4.2. Generate Quotation
4.3. Send Quotation
4.4. Revised Quotation
4.5. Acceptance and Rejection 
4.6. Separate Quotation Print or View
4.7.Print Packing Item & Consignment Quotation in separate 
5. Order Management (Final Lead)
5.1. Manage Lead
5.2. View Quotation
5.3. View Packing List Details 
5.4. View Consignment Charges Details
5.6. Send Bank Details
5.7. Send Bank details to customer on mail
5.8. Send Bank details to customer on mobile no.
5.9. Assign for Delivery Team
5.10. Add Transporter Details
5.11. Add Driver Details
5.12. Add Vehicle Details
5.13. Update Packing Details
5.14. Update Moving Details
6. Tracking Details
6.1. Manage Consignment
6.1.1. Automated Generate Consignment Number as per your norms
6.1.2. Update Consignment Status
6.1.3. All Working Consignment 
6.1.4. Add Track Status Details
6.1.5. Remarks
6.1.6. Status
6.1.7 Date
6.2.Track Consignment Status
6.2.1. Enter Consignment Number
6.2.3. Showing Result
7. Billing & Payment 
Consolidate receivable/payment activities in CRM system. Incorporate partner billing systems for confirmation reporting and billing transactions.
7.1. Confirm Order Details
7.2. Showing details of Consignment
7.3. Customer Details
7.4. ITEM Details
7.5. Transportation Details
7.6. Follow-up for Payment
7.7. Maintain every time communication history with client
7.8. Every point have option to transfer other user
7.9. Maintain payment status pending/partial/full payment
8. Payment Status
8.1. Select customer data by payment status
8.2. Select customer data by payment date
9. Track Payment
9.1. Pending
9.2. Paid
9.3. New Request
10. Technology & Database
10.1. Design using HTML, JQuery and Ajax
10.2. Website Development in Java & JSP [Dynamic website]
10.3. Using database MySQL

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