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Features and Details
A Digital Agency One Page Websites or Creative Agency One Page  Website needs to strike the right balance of form and function. Our Digital Agency Website Design & Development strategists to boost your conversion rate and increase your sales. A digital agency creating experiences that connect, marketing that performs, and branding that inspires. Explore how we can help you move from now to next.
Table of Contents for a Single Page or Parallax Digital Agency Websites
1. Parallax Home Page
1.1. Business Banner
1.2. Our Services
1.3. Services or Company Related Banner
1.4. About Us
1.5. Our History with Year wise concept
1.6. Customer Review
1.7. Business Related Banner
1.8. Team 
1.9. Portfolio 
1.10. Latest Projects
1.11. Contact Us
1.12. Online Inquiry
1.13. Website Pages Responsive
1.14. Social Media Link Integration
1.15. Search Engine Friendly Website Design & Development
1.16. Website Admin Panel
1.17. Technology & Database
Features of Parallax Digital Agency Website
1. Single Page Digital Agency Website Details
1. 1. Business Related Banner
1.1.1. Slider of Business related banner
1.1.2. Same Size Business Banner Improve your website quality and customer attraction
1.2. Our Services
1.2.1. All services with short description
1.3. Option Service related promotional banner 
1.4. Company Profile
1.4.1. Company Profile Details
1.4.2. Mission & Key Points of Company
1.5. History of Company 
1.5.1. Year wise history with short description
1.6.  Digital Agency Website Customer Reviews
1.6.1. Valuable customer reviews
1.6.2. Slider of customer review 
1.6.3. Show Customer name and photo
1.7. Promotional Banner
1.8. Tell our Team
1.8.1. Team Photo with name and Designation 
1.9. Our portfolio
1.9.1. Previous work portfolio with basic details
1.9.2. Creative Images of Work
1.10. Latest Projects
1.10.1. Latest on going project images
1.11. Contact Us
1.11.1. Contact Us Form with  required field
1.12. Online Inquiry
1.12.1. Customer inquiry form with required field
1.13. Responsive Digital Agency Website
We offer Parallax design solutions that would innovatively convey your message and increase the brand awareness.
1.13. 1. Creative design that provoke curiosity
1.13. 2. Add realism to your products & services
1.13. 3. Illustrates product benefits & functionalities
1.13. 4. Single page design to Intuitively engage the visitor
1.14. Social Media Link Integration
1.14.1. link Social Media Network URL with website
1.15. Digital Agency Search Engine Friendly Website Design & Development
We propose this single page design for client whose purpose of design is to create curiosity, interact with the visitor and add richness to their brand.
1.16. Digital Agency Website Admin Panel
The admin panel is where the content is created and the website is managed. 
Admin Login Page use Login id. and password .
1.16.1 Admin Dashboard Page
Online Inquiry  Details with required fields
1.16.2. Mange Contact Us Request Details Page
Show contact details.
1.16.3. Manage Customer Review Page Add, Edit & Delete Customer Review Page Manage Customer Review
1.16.4. Manage Business Banner Add New, Edit & Delete  Home Page Banner Manage Business Banner
1.16.5. Manage Team
1.16.1. Add New, Edit & Delete Agent or Team
1.16.2. Manage Agent or Team
1.16.6 My Account Profile Details Change Password
1.17. Technology & Database
With HTML5 & CSS 3 technologies, we create captivative single page design that delights audience.
1.17.1. Technology & Database 
1.17..2. Design using HTML, JQuery and Ajax
1.17.3. Website Development in PHP
1.17.4. Using database MySQL

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